Jo Jordan

Work & Organizational Psychologist


Work & Organizational Psychologist

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2017 — As we wait for Article 50 to be invoked and the United Kingdom to initiate negotiations to leave the European Union, we are thinking hard about where and how we will compete in the world.

I work in new industries and I bring the combined experience of consulting to global firms as a work & organizational psychologist, my knowledge of statistics and computing that runs through this work, experience working in the internet and data sector, and the structured thinking that comes from university teaching.

We all face three broad questions.

  1. Where are the frontiers in these industries that will determine the economic landscape of the future?
  2. How are these frontiers unfolding?
  3. What do we need to do to be players on the world stage?

I build data prototypes commercially, research what it takes to succeed in today’s economic climate and teach management, psychology and analytics in universities.

I am happy to hear from you if you want build a prototype in the big data space, or if you would like to partner in research about our future and machine learning, or you would like me to teach a course or offer a training programme in data, management or psychology.